Management Consulting

To set up an effective IT management system requires an extensive experience and knowledge in the areas that are outside IT, such as:

  • Organization of IT process performance
  • Organization of IT departments as a "service organization"
  • Organization of interaction (between IT departments, between IT departments and other units in a company, interaction with customers, suppliers, etc.)
  • Organization of IT department operation support
  • Organization of an internal control system
  • Assurance of compliance with the requirements of regulatory bodies and standards.

Many different practices, recommendations, methodologies, and standards are presently available in the above areas. But, unfortunately, most attempts to follow them prove ineffective or merely fail. The main cause of this is due not to the methodologies proper but to the lack of skills in using them.

Our specialists are very experienced in these areas and they can help you in:

  • Diagnostics and analysis of IT management systems
    • Diagnostics and analysis of the current status of IT management (risk identification and assessment, assessment of the maturity level of IT management processes)
    • Working-out of recommendations for risks mitigation and/or IT management system development
    • Analysis of the implementation results of ITSM automation tools and/or of a process model
    • Documentation analysis
  • Process consulting
    • Design and formalization of a process model for IT management in accordance with the ITIL v2/v3 and ISO 20000 recommendations
    • Generation of recommendations and assistance in implementing a process model
    • Preparation for, and assistance in implementing ITSM automation tools (with their deployment or as independent consulting)
  • Preparation for IT auditing
    • Analysis of the current IT operation practice and of the existing documents for the compliance with various external and internal audit requirements
    • Working-out of recommendations and introduction of necessary modifications to ensure compliance with the requirements on various external and internal audits
  • Management consulting
    • Working-out of recommendations for creating an operational model of IT performance to ensure compliance with the process model and to enhance the efficiency
    • Creation of an internal control system
    • Creation of an IT-department performance assessment system
    • Elaboration of IT development strategy
    • Generation of the IT performance concept and policies.