BMC Software

BMC Software has been successfully developing for over 30 years. Headquartered in Houston, Texas. It is one of the largest manufacturers of systems used for managing IT organizations, processes, and assets. It specializes in:

  • IT management consulting (management of IT as business)
  • IT management and automation systems (efficiency and control improvement)

These solutions were reflected in the Business Service Management (BSM) concept pioneered by BMC in 2003 and acknowledged by all the known manufacturers (CA, IBM, HP, etc.). The world analytical agencies Gartner Group, Forester Research, and IDC define BMC as a leader in Business Service Management and ITSM systems (Service Desk).

BMC is superior to its competitors in:

  • Methodology that strengthens consulting by information systems intended to make IT processes more efficient, cut down time and lower costs of individual operations (generally in production and administration); to control process execution and to make employees follow the processes and not to “optimize” them at their own discretion
  • Solutions that allow to manage IT as business; enable top managers to get rid of ever-present operational routine, switch to management by escalation, and focus on analyzing and eliminating the initial cause of problems rather than dedicate their time to “fire fighting”
  • Acquisition and analysis of information essential to making justified managerial decisions in IT, including those on HR-reserve formation and personnel motivation based on quantitative indices of each employee/department
  • Orientation to increasing the IT efficiency and effectiveness and generating visible business value from IT
  • BMC is the only world vendor, with all components of all solutions completely integrated "out of the box" using a single CMDB/CMS system.