Axios Systems solutions

For over two decades Axios Systems has been immersed in research and development of solutions to IT Service Management (ITSM) for enterprises in various industries across the globe.

The assyst platform is a solution based on the out-of-the-box principle. All the ITIL® processes are pre-integrated in a product being delivered, and its implementation does not require any additional programming. This approach ensures a higher level of IT services, enhancing their integration and integrity.

The value of Axios offer:

  • IT alignment with the current and future business goals
  • Cost reduction due to the holistic understanding of your IT system status
  • Proactive service delivery oriented to specific needs
  • Enhanced availability and security of IT service
  • Efficient utilization of IT resources
  • Gains in customer satisfaction

Overview of Axios assyst

The assyst platform provides tools for managing services, assets, incidents, problems, and changes throughout their entire lifecycle. The assyst platform admits of the ITIL Version 3 recommendations, which makes asset operations more cost-effective and delivers considerable total cost savings. Since all ITIL service support processes are contained within one application, assyst makes the operational activity and asset accounting transparent to both the Service Desk service and to end users.

Developed to meet the demands of the business, the assyst solution is very simple to manage. The required flexibility is provided by configuration tools - there is no need for programming. When a new version is built, the main emphasis is placed on the simplicity of upgrading, which enables customers to use the whole of the latest functional and enhance their business efficiency. Within our unique approach, customers can resolve their most urgent problems with no waste of time on lengthy integrations projects. The assyst solution yields the first visible results almost instantly. Having revealed tangible benefits from ITIL implementation at the earliest stages, you will provide the basis for achieving progressively higher levels of your IT maturity.

The advantages of the assyst product

Of the corporative-class products available in the world market, assyst is the only one designed from the very outset to deliver complete ITIL functionality in one application. That is why it ensures a more rapid deployment and a faster return on investment than any other corporative ITSM solution does.

The key benefits of assyst implementation:

  • A single solution
  • All the ITIL processes in one application
  • Rapid out-of-the-box implementation
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Low administrative costs
  • The lowest total cost of ownership

Uniqueness of the Axios assyst solution

Assyst was designed from inception as a complex solution to manage IT services, which will help realize long-term plans of ITIL implementation and avoid problems arising in modular product integration. The configuration tools available in the assyst allow solution adaptation to a customer’s specific needs and to repeatable changes, without any expensive modifications. Thus, assyst provides a cost-effective means of managing IT services, customers, contracts, software & hardware, employees, and processes by using an easy-to-use consolidated interface. By implementing the assyst, you get access to the whole functional of the product. Regular additional releases are planned for you to upgrade the assyst in a few hours - not months- on your own, without ever having to call in a consultant.

Business benefits:

  • IT service alignment with business demands
  • A unified approach to management of IT as a business unit within a company
  • A shift from reactive to proactive IT service management
  • • Quality and cost management based on a customer’s requirements.

IT benefits:

  • Positive perception of IT’s contribution to business success
  • Higher economic effectiveness due to reduced costs
  • A greater potential for implementing new IT services
  • Reduced risks due to effective planning, control of changes and compliance with the established requirements and corporative management.